Lightbox project
Ruben Natal-San Miguel’s "Last Stop: Coney Island" (2021) at Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center station.


The Photography program showcases the work of primarily New York-based photographers. Bright, vivid photographs enliven subway passageways and the underground environment. Large scale lightboxes (approximately 45 by 66 inches) are illuminated from within, and the images are printed on transparency film by local providers who donate their services. Exhibitions rotate periodically and feature a wide range of photographic work through research and curatorial practice.

Located at five key sites:

  • 42 St-Bryant Park 
  • Atlantic Av-Barclays Center  LIRR
  • Bowling Green 
  • Grand Central Terminal Dining Concourses
  • Times Sq-42 St 

Banner Image Credit: "Daily Voyage" (2018) © Glen Dicrocco, NYCT Bowling Green.