Metro-North's Call Ahead Program

If you need assistance getting on or off the train, we can notify train crews in advance to provide additional assistance to customers who might need it. If you have advance knowledge of your travel plans and would like to request assistance, here's how you do it:

Call 511

Call 511 (from Connecticut, 877-690-5114) and speak with a customer service representative 24/7. Please call at least 15 minutes (we recommend 1 hour) prior to your trip.

Provide your travel information

Provide the representative with your departing station, the time you plan to travel, and your destination so they can notify the train crew in advance that you need assistance.

Ask a conductor

If you are already on a train to Grand Central, you can ask a conductor for help. The conductor can “Call Ahead” and arrange for an usher to assist you.

Where to meet crews for additional assistance

Customers can also get information on accessible stations and find out the best place to wait for the train on the platform from the customer service representative or by visiting our list of accessible stations.

Download a flyer

Find out more and get a flyer with information about the program.